• "I boosted one of my Instagram posts for $25 and have no clue what that did for me..."

  • "I feel like I'm just wasting my hard-earned cash trying to run Facebook ads..."

  • "This only works if you're a brand with big budgets. I don't really have that much money to spend."


This digital marketing course removes the guesswork out of running your Facebook and Instagram ads and gives you strategies that not only work but put profits back into your business.


You might be thinking...

Whether you're a team of 100 or a team of YOU, YOURSELF, and YOU, knowing how to run campaigns benefits you immensely.

COST-EFFECTIVE: Digital marketing services can start around $2,000/month or 20% of your profits. Which, if you're not spending a lot of cash upfront, most marketers won't take the job on. Digital marketing is cheap to advertise at the moment. Why not start now? And, did you know that in order to see real results on keyword search, you're looking at a minimum of $10,000/month to compete with the other advertisers? 

All I ask from is a minimum of $5/day for your advertising spend. You can spare that latte, can't you?

EMPOWERING: When you have your campaigns all setup, with beautiful imagery and engaging copy, you start to believe this is possible. BECAUSE IT IS. What you're doing, building a business, looking to create sustainable income from your ideas, it helps you believe that people want what you've got. When you, I hate to use this term but, TARGET the right kind of person, they want exactly what you're offering. I can promise you that.

TEACHABLE: Once you know, you can easily train a support teammate to help you. In this course, you'll already be set up for anyone to take over for you. This is exactly how I work with my clients today. They all receive an off-board of all the work I've done; audience building, campaign crafting, A/B tweaking. This is so when their team comes in to start running their ads, all that's left to do is update content.

But my goal is to make this easier for you — saving time, money and future frustrations. Does that excite you?

Let's do the damn thing.

Ready to start seeing money come in?




  • The Goods focuses on getting the basics out of the way. You'll have the chance to get your account set up and address questions and concerns that you may have before starting to advertise. What you'll learn:

    → You'll answer questions that will frame how you'll build the most profitable ads ever

    → The basics of setting up your Facebook Ads Account


  • The Brains dives into proven strategies to increase eyeballs to your website, money in your checkout and growth in your channels. What you'll learn:

    → How to use storytelling to support selling your products/services

    → What kind of conversion options are available through Facebook + Instagram and how to set your ads up for each objective

    → Uncover five types of stories you can tell, during different objectives within your business


  • The Humans is all about your audiences, current and future. This module focuses on growing your community; for conversion and valuable retention. What you'll learn:

    → How to set up three types of necessary audiences

    → How each audience could benefit you and your dollar

    → Dive into the real costs for converting people that know your brand and people that don't


  • The Connection is all your brand story. This section dives into what makes your brand unique. We'll focus on both your website and your platforms' clear communication to steer clear of disconnection. What you'll learn:

    → How to use your brand voice to sell authentically to your audience

    → Identify the attributes of your brand that create a marketable business

    → How to be the solution, not just an option, for your ideal consumer

    → Build content for landing pages that drive sales + awareness


  • The Creative is all about the content that connects to your humans. Diving into how to build the creative, what content converts and creating your ad templates for your ad launch is all inside this section. What you'll learn:

    → A breakdown of the perfect ad and the kinds of ad formats you'll need to know when launching

    → Understand the content you'll need to launch your ads

    → The tools and resources that help craft your content, all without Photoshop


  • The Results & The Pivots dives into everything you'll need to do to physically launch your ads PLUS how to read your results and make decisions to achieve more. What you'll learn:

    → Our easy and established system for launching your ads without worry or stress (or at minimum, alleviate it!)

    → How to read the results and performance of your ads and track with ease

    → Pivot strategies that you can apply quickly without losing momentum, or cash


but wait, there's more.

  • The Perfect Ad Checklist

    This checklist will break down every style of Facebook and Instagram ad to give you the confidence that you'll have the perfect content, copy and placement to go live with.

  • 'Money Maker' Budget Spreadsheet

    The formulas in this spreadsheet are ones crafted over the past five years to ensure clients get the results they are looking for. It will show you how to aim for profit when running conversion ads and breaks down the industry standards for conversion.

  • 20+ Audience Archetypes Anyone Can Use

    These exclusive audience formulas shares over 20+ different types of consumers that anyone can use whether you have a product or service-based business.


  • Clear + Specific Audience Building

    Build audiences using our course recommendations to create the consumers that will keep coming back for more
    One of our bonuses gives you 20+ audience archetypes that anyone (including you!) can use

  • Strategy That Works

    Real life, proven digital marketing strategies focused product and service-based brands. We'll help you create a custom strategy that is geared towards attracting more people and converting more sales

  • Content That Converts

    Use our recommended top-performing content types to build beautiful and converting ads
 for your brand, over and over again

  • Creative In Minutes

    Tools and resources that will help build beautiful ads, all from your iPhone or iPad. Yup. You read that right.

  • Pivot, Pivot, Pivot

    Not only will you read the ad performance with clarity but you'll understand how to pivot, and pivot quickly.



Something I hear time and time again from my clients is they've run ads before and aren't seeing results — not making any money, no one's clicking through and it seems no one cares. What it almost always comes down to are two things; not breaking down their audiences into niches and not knowing how the hell to read the data in order to pivot. 

Trust me, I get it. It's a whole lot of WTF.  

Let me introduce myself. I'm Christina and I've been in the marketing profession for ten years. During that period, I gained an interest in how companies were using social media advertising to make more dollars and reach more humans. For the past five years, I studied not just digital marketing but how humans truly connected through advertising. Since then, I've helped five different industries and 45+ companies find success through digital advertising, where most all are reaching five and six-figure monthly results. Now, I want to share everything I've learned with you. 

I'm making it my mission to help you learn, not just the basics of running your own Facebook and Instagram ads, but real, tangible strategies that have worked for me and for my clients.

Work includes:

Learn more about my background here.

What You'll Receive


  • 5 modules of proven strategy + execution

  • Access to 3 exclusive bonuses

  • Access to in-depth coursework + homework

  • Lifetime access to course updates and bonuses



On the fence? We got you.

Try The Ad Profit Formula with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 

Most importantly, the ads should work for you. And we want to help you get there. The course is filled with homework dedicated to setting you up for success. We also expect that you're 100% committed. We care more that ads are performing than anything else. Before being eligible for our 45-Day Guarantee, you must share your completed homework with TEAM JIG+SAW and walk us through your Ads Account to do everything we can to make pivots and support and committed to gauging performance through the full 45 days. If tweaks and adjustments aren't capable, we are committed to returning your investment, no problem! 

Money-Back Policy: All coursework must be completed post-45 day commitment and a walk-through of your Ads Account must be shared with TEAM JIG+SAW and evaluated before a refund is considered.


“Traffic to my website doubled in the first two weeks of working together.

Christina's understanding and mastery over social media are what every company and organization needs to grow its audience quickly and sustainably. With her guidance, I was able to understand where my initial social media strategy went wrong and quickly pivot so my company's communications could:

(1.) reach our target audiences
(2.) build trust within our market
(3.) exponentially increase brand awareness.”

Storyteller's Summit

Gabby Almon

“We went from zero Facebook advertising in February to making almost 7x our investment the first month…

By the end of the calendar year, we were consistently making 13x return on our monthly investment as we continued to use the audiences and infrastructure she helped set up for us.”

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Lizzy Bristow


Everything you get from this course.

  • Six modules with everything you need to launch your ads

  • Tutorials walking you through the course, step-by-step

  • Tools and resources to help you craft compelling, visual-appealing ads

  • Do the course at your own speed, no expiration date

  • PDFs with the coursework outlined for each module

  • As technology advances, the course will update — You'll receive those updates forever

  • Bonus #1: The Perfect Ad Checklist

  • BONUS #2: The Money Maker Spreadsheet

  • Bonus #3: 20+ Audience Archetypes Anyone Can Use


  • When does the course begin?

    This limited-time course is launching on June 3rd, 2019. If you've purchased the course before then, you'll have access to the course forever.

  • I want more help than the course itself. Is there coaching available?

    Traditionally, no. However, in the VIP Access package, it includes four group coaching calls (that are recorded in case you miss it!) and a one-time 1-on-1 strategy mastermind to ensure you're set up for success.

  • How do the group coaching calls work?

    The group coaching calls happen once a month where we'll review 5-6 ad accounts with time for any questions you may have. The schedule will be delivered once the course launches.

  • Is this about social media marketing?

    Not as it pertains to organic social media posting and strategies. This course is focused on using content to advertise your brand. We won't be reviewing content calendars, scheduling techniques, etc. However, the content portion of this course dives into content creation itself which you may find helpful. Also, if you've ever considering boosting one of your Instagram posts, this course is definitely for you.

  • Is this about Facebook Advertising, beginning to end?

    This course specifically focuses on brand awareness and conversion targeting. We won't be addressing directly the following Objectives: Store Visits, Event Responses, App Installs, Catalog Sales, or Engagement. However, the strategies and setup will support your overall initiatives in marketing to the audiences that work for you.

  • What bonuses does this course come with?

    The following are bonuses that are included:

    - The Perfect Ad Checklist
    - The Money Maker Spreadsheet
    - 20+ Audience Archetypes Anyone Can Use
    - Marketing Funnel Training Checklist (VIP ACCESS PACKAGE ONLY)

  • I'm not sure I'm ready to start this or that I even have time. Should I still buy this course?

    If you feel like you have a minimum of $5 to spend every day for three months and don't feel like you're in a rush to see conversion, YES! This course is perfect for you. This course doesn't expire after you purchase and will be updated as Facebook and Instagram updates. As long as you have money for a latte, you have money to spend on advertising. Don't panic. You can stop at any time. And we'll be here when you're ready to come back.

  • Is it guaranteed I'll actually make a profit?

    This comes down to a few variables; Understanding your margins, knowing where your "break-even" is vs where your profit sit and knowing that this takes time and commitment. Our client structure is always a three-month commitment with the bandwidth for pivoting + restructuring and budget shifts. This course does not guarantee you will convert a profit. Only you can determine your profit margins. However, this course does guarantee you will have the strategies, the audience formulas, the content techniques and everything you'll need to find success using Facebook and Instagram ads.

  • I have a question that isn't on here. How do I connect with someone?

    No problem at all.
    Email us at hello (at) jigplussaw (dot) com.
    We'll get back to you within 48 business hours.


You might still be unsure. You may still be wondering if running ads will truly help and grow your business. You're not alone in your doubts. But why not join the six million monthly advertisers who are finding success, discovering new audiences and learning more about how to market their brand? There's a reason this method works, as long as you're willing to put the work in. It took me five years to feel ready to share what I've learned — lots of trial and error to ensure my clients received the best strategies and the highest-performing results. I want the same for you too.

If you're ready to take a deep dive, I'll be there with you. Can't wait to see your business grow.

xo Christina Topacio
Founder, JIG+SAW & Track University